Why, What, How & Who?


SME manufacturers want to grow big but the constraints of growing the business are many - lack of capital and lack of technical expertise would top the list. Consultiger aims to solve the latter problem now.


We are a technology-led company that brings technical experts onto a single, simple, and a smart platform – and one that will have a global outreach. We will empower the consultants through custom-built applications.


We leverage latest in cloud-based technologies, end-to-end software driven solutions, internet telephony & video conferencing, robust technical architecture, world-class design & interface, advanced search algorithms.


Anand Kannan


Anand's motivation behind Consultiger is to build an extremely successful community of Experts and SMEs by leveraging technology.. Anand's rich enterprise sales & startup experience helps Consultiger grow and go global. Anand will pursue with vigour Digital Marketing, Relationship Marketing & Lean Management strategies to deliver Consultiger's grand mission of being a globally relevant company!

Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

Senior experts from various industries/verticals with leadership background constitute this extremely important group. Their rich experience & immense knowledge is instrumental in empowering consultants and SMEs. The executive team works closely with these industry veterans for product improvements, consultant engagement and business growth.

Business Advisers

Consultiger is happy to have a set of advisers who will guide the company in the various business aspects like Technology, Marketing, Startup Management, Funding, etc. The individuals forming this group are masters of their area and their agreeing to be part of the Consultiger idea will further ensure that SMEs and Experts do have a highly successful association with Consultiger.